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Education & Career Counseling has been formed to provide individuals with counseling services structured to anticipate personal, social, vocational and academic growth as they pass through specific developmental stage. The program has been framed on the belief that each individual experience stages of personal growth and developmental concerns as they mature from childhood to adulthood. Each native is unique with different sociocultural back ground possessing different skills and values and capable of personal growth in professions, that best fits to his/her personality, skills & resources.


Why Education & Career Counseling 

The young person’s transition into professional world marks one of the most important milestones in his or her life. The factors that influence in choosing education and career include skills, competency & interest which are greatly influenced by society, Culture, Gender, Social and Economic Conditions, Fantasies of children & parents, peer students characteristics and money, personality, intelligence, attitude and beliefs. With the widening array of occupational possibilities it could become difficult for young people to understand and navigate a personal pathway through this new and perhaps unfamiliar array of career and education options. Hence at this point that career/education counseling becomes crucial to long term progress.

The Counselors

Chandan Kumar Patra

BSc(Utkal University, MMS (Mumbai University)

He was working in Human Resource Department in managerial capacity with various multinational companies in India, Bahrain & Dubai before venturing into education and career building of students. At present he is training students for career building entrance examinations and also working as an astrologer with and writes for the blogs &

Kalpanamayee Prusty

MSc (Berhmpur University ) BEd (Utkal University)

She is fully focused into education sector and is teaching high school students and knows their psychology and preparedness for the transition to vocational education.

The process

Fill up a background check questionnaire

A discussion with the Individual/ parents & child on the past trends on achievements, personality and skills

A preliminary report will be sent based on the observations

Few simple psychometric tests

Skills test (Not Trade Test)

Final report

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